Sunday, November 30, 2014

Things My Kids Say

* The boys were playing with one of their kid chairs that turns around and around . .. Nate was sitting in it while Josh was turning him around in circles.  Nate wanted him to go faster but Josh told him he was too big.  Nate replied, 'But Josh, you are SIX and I am still only FOUR!  I KNOW you can do it!"

* A recent dinner conversation:  The boys had seen a police scene on the news and starting talking about how the police capture bad people.
 Josh pipes up with, "Well, we aren't bad people, we are more stay at home people."
Nate, "Nope, we aren't bandits so we won't go to jail." 
Josh: "We told Papa and Nana that he had better slow down or the police would take him away.  It's a good thing he listened and I hope Nana listened too."
Nate:  "Well, I hope Nana didn't listen, I want to visit her in jail."
Sorry Nana . . .. hahahaha

* While Josh was doing his schoolwork, he told me he had to write a letter twice and he didn't feel like erasing because, after all, he really " isn't an erasing guy, he is much more of a drawing guy"