Sunday, January 23, 2011

Date Idea Book

As I mention often, one of my favorite craft sites is Oopsey-daisy.  This craft idea I stole borrowed from Allison! 

The first thing that I did was to print the cards that Allison so graciously made available.  You can click here to access her post that gives the link to the printables or can you be creative and make your own!.  I chose to just use hers; I'm one of those "why re-create the wheel" kind of people.  I printed the cards on cardstock.

 Once, printed, I cut them all out.
 I went back and forth about laminating them, thinking at first, we would throw them away but the more I thought about it, the more I like the idea of keeping them and once we have done them all, we can start over.  Yes, there are a few that we will more than likely not do - but that is ok!
 Once laminated, I cut them out again and punched a whole in the corner of each card.
 Once "punched" I slid them all on a key ring and I'm going to hang them on my bulletin board.  When we need a date night idea, we can just grab the deck of cards and pick something new. 
A lot of the ideas are family friendly so the boys will come with us but there are some that are just for the two of us and we'll have to grab a sitter :-) 

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