Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pinterest Again #2

This is what I'm working on now from Pinterest - it really is a  great place to get ideas!

We are in the process of changing rooms.  The boys will be sharing a room and I wanted to add some art pieces to their room that are for both of them - not just their "themes".  This idea comes from my board for the Boys Bedrooms and is from Words of Williams.  It's simple - a canvas, some paint, and my cricut cutting out some awesome scrapbooking paper.  I can't wait to complete it! Here is the photo of the inspiration:
It will say "Let Them Sleep  For when they wake, they will move mountains
And here is what mine looks like: 
Totally different then what I started with :-)  I used my Creative Memories software to actually create this photo print using photos of my boys, printed it and framed it.  I LOVE it.  It is perfect. 

This next idea is from the same board and comes from This Glorious Day.  I love that it uses their handprints and footprints and the verse from Micah is one of my top favorite verses. 
This is what I did with it: 
Again, I made a photo print using photos of the boys hands and feet.  I love this one too!

One last idea I want to work on right now for their room comes from Coffee Break with Liz and Kate and is the perfect idea for a night light for their room.
This is how mine version turned out.  I used a nightlight light instead of Christmas lights and really like it.

I also am working on getting our classroom together so this idea comes from my Homeschooling board and the idea comes from . . .well, it's just a picture so I'm not sure who to give the credit to on this one! I think I want to create this on a 12x12 or larger (we'll see) scrapbook type page and then hang it on the wall in our room . I'm not sure what I did but I can't write below this photo but - I haven't done this yet either.  Our classroom is done and there isn't a whole lot of room left for decor.  I still want to create this to hang on the entrance wall to the room but it took me about 4 weeks to get the things I created for the boys room correct and printed so now that I've learned a lot, I think I can get this done a little faster.