Sunday, May 3, 2015

Things My Kids Say . . .and Do . . and just where they are at.

* The boys love cutting the grass . . . .with scissors.  Every single day this week they have been outside busily cutting the grass, blade by blade by blade.

* Nate got sick this past week and when Nate gets sick, he gets sick.  Poor guy.  He has a brother who loves him, though; Josh pulled Nate's dirty blanket out of their room and then kicked everyone out of the playroom as Nate fell asleep.  Yep, best friends.

* I would just like to reference that as of the writing of this post, neither one of my kids have lost teeth.  Nor do they have teeth that are even slightly lose.  I have a feeling they will lose teeth on the exact same day . . a year from now HA!