Thursday, March 12, 2015

March Goals

So, I meant to post this last Thursday but, low and behold  it wasn't written . . .even though I'm sure I wrote it like two weeks ago!  So, as I sit down to write this, I realize that my list my be a little more abbreviated since the month is almost half over!

1) Get the boys room set up.  New bunk beds will be here soon and then we will organize and set up their room in a better way with much more space to use.
2) This month my cleaning is focusing on the living room.  Really, just doing some wiping down, cleaning the corners, and making sure it is just nice and clean.  It is the most used room in the house so it tends to stay a little more picked up than the rest :-)
3) The basement - the weather is warming up so I'm planning to get the play room done finally. 

1) Order a few of our books for the fall.  A blessing - a year ago I ordered some lights from Amazon for a project.  Yesterday I got an e-mail that they have been recalled due to a fire hazard and my account was credited the amount of the lights.  I can order one of the boys books for "free" with that money!
2)  I haven't done great at planning Friday things but with that said, it seems are Fridays have also been busy with other things.  Instead, I want to focus more now on some summer ideas . Yes, school will be done but the boys will have 1-2 educational worksheets for review each day and then I would like to plan some other activities to do a few days a week.  I might also check out a few 2-3 day learning camps (I found one that focuses on Legos!) and see if we can do 1-2 of those. 
3) For PE - it's time to register the boys for soccer (Nate) and T-Ball (Josh).  We are still trying to get them into swim lessons soon too.

1.  Our Camping trips are all reserved - now I need to focus on planning.  What we need, food ideas, and activities.
2. Record serial #'s - such an easy task that never gets done!
3. Take the dog for her shots
4. Hang the boys new photos
5. Work on our family summer wardrobes.  We all need a few things so now I need to find the deals :-)
6. I've been working on budgeting out some little trips beyond our camping trips - one for Nate's birthday that we have yet to do plus some others for later this year.

1. I still need to recap Christmas for myself.  I also need to plan a budget for 2015 so we can not be stressed this year when we hit December INCLUDING budgeting for Darryl to take extra days off. 
2. Set up a Christmas Present storage plan.  Here's the deal.  I already have a Christmas present for Nate.  A friend of mine was selling it so I picked it up for next to nothing.  So, what I want to do is take a photo of it, put it in a folder on my computer with a #, then wrap the gift and the same # on it.  Then have a bin in the basement to put those gifts in.  That way, I CAN pick stuff up along the way throughout the year.
3. This month - we always go back to where we got engaged so that one day trip is the main focus.
4.  Make some St. Patrick Day fun plans.  Just the normal green themed ideas.
5. Birthday Board plans.  I would like to accomplish one task for our birthday week plan.  Last year I pretty much just did the Birthday shirt and pillowcase but now I want to add more.
6. Pick up 4 objects for the Christmas Countdown - this can be a big expense because even buying $1.00 items means $50.00.
7.  Need to plan for Easter - pick up their small Easter gifts, get eggs and fill them, egg decorating supplies and some cute little outfits for the boys (Okay, really just some nice summer dress clothes :-) )

1. Quiet time - continuing on with my daily devos and prayer journal.
2. Finances - Plan the March budget, set up savings funds, put my planned amount in the boys savings account.
3. Music - practice piano. I'm working on two songs specifically and trying to practice every day for about 30 minutes.  The truth is, the more you play, the better you get ;-) Darryl and I also need to work on a song that we want to do for special music.
4. Scrapbooking - Ok, totally unfocused right now.  This month - Laying out each project I have in the works and figuring out how to best get it done.
5. A special Album - I have a nephew graduating this year so it is time to start on his album.  My goal for this month is to find and print all of the photos for the album AND purchase his album/pages/protectors. 
5.  "Just One Thing" - I'm implementing a new thought this month and it is called "Just one Thing".  I've made a list of random things I would like to get done this month - everything from changing out some art work in the Kitchen and Hallway to plan a simple month menu that rotates every single month to make shopping easier.  I won't share the whole list here but will share it in April when I accomplish it all (hopefully!)
6. Misc - I continue to have my 4 goals that I'm not sharing :-)  So, I just want to continue work on those too.

That's all for this month!