Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Making Your Home a Haven

Last week I introduced the "Making your Home a Haven" Challenge from Women Living Well.  Last week we were challenged to clean out some clutter - what ever area we needed to - to prepare.  

This weeks challenge is to light a candle for your family in your home and each time you see it, pray for peace within your home; pray for your family.  Personally, I love candles.  I love the warmth and the smell and just how it seems to bring a level of comfort to the home.  I used to light them all over the house but with young children, I am careful where I leave a lit candle.  Currently, we have a nice high entertainment center so I keep one burning there.  The fragrance makes our main living area so inviting!  This year, though, I've also started lighting one in my kitchen.  I spend a good portion of my day in that room between making meals, cleaning up, baking and more.  
I purchased this candle back in August, along with the holder, and have been waiting for it to be cool enough to light it!  It's still a bit warm around here but I can light it for a bit in the morning before it is time to open the doors and windows for the day :-)

My kids have asked me why I have candles lit - they want to know whose birthday it is HA! 

So, get out your candle and light it.  If you don't love "hot candles" then get one of those cup warmers and place your candle on there - it will warm the wax and release the smell.  Or get a "fake" candle - the kind you put batteries in so it flickers or pick up a Scensty Warmer :-)  What ever you need to "light your home" for your family!