Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Teacher Tuesday - We are all set up!

This past week, my parents made the drive over and brought us two desks.  I used one of my days without kids to unpack their school boxes, set up their desks, and set up the computer.  You may wonder why I did this without the boys and quite simply, because it make it easier.  The boys love to help but sometimes, their help is helpless.  HA!

We are about ready for school to start.  I have an instructional video that I still have to watch but otherwise, I think we are good!

 The boys new desks.  Their desks hold their specific school items, books and supplies.  The carts in the middle hold other art supplies like extra markers, crayons, glue etc as well as art books, painting items and more.  The desk on the left, the white one, my mom picked up from a friend at a garage sale and the one on the right, the brown one, was my mom's many years ago and has stayed in the family.  It is the same desk that I took to college with me and was most recently housed at my brother's house until they moved back in June.
 I have more books than the boys do!  This little shelf holds all of the teacher manuals for both books.  I'm curious how much I'll have to use these throughout this year or if I can figure out K-5 and 1st grade work on my own ;-)
 For now, we've set up the boys computer on a table in our dining room.  We need to work on how much they use it verses using their I-pads for school to determine if we need a better set up later.
 One of the benefits of this new setup is that I get to put a tablecloth on my table again!  When our table was our school "desk" I couldn't keep a table cloth on it since it made it difficult for the boys to do their work (hard to write on top of cloth!) but now, I can keep a tablecloth on it and my beautiful candle on it too!
Finally, the piano got moved to the opposite wall which I like better (for now).  It seemed to really crowd the walkway before and now it is more out of the way.