Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer Fun - The End of 2016

How depressing is that title?  The end of 2016 HA!  Really, it's just the end of summer fun.  I was thinking back through this summer and came up with this list of things:

1) Vacation Bible School - two different times.
2) Trips to the park
3) Swim Lessons
4) Swimming
5) Hayrides
6) Camping with Nana
7) Camping with Mom and Dad
8) Movies
9) Ice Cream
10) The Beach
11) Slip-n-Slide Fun
12) Staying up late
13) The Olympics
14) Catching a toad

I'm sure I missed some things too.  It really comes down to the simple fact that the boys had a fun, busy summer.  They were so busy at times that they complained of being tired.  They slept until 9:00 (or later) some days.  They stayed up until midnight (or tried to) a few days. They caught bugs, toads, and crickets and planted a weed garden on Nana's picnic table.  This summer was nothing like I was originally planning back in March but, really, it turned out much more relaxed and fun. 

So now, this coming week we start to transition from Summer Fun to Fall Fun which includes school.  :-)