Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekly Menu

There really isn't a whole lot to say about food this week :-)  This coming week the boys will be at my mother-in-laws for a few days so I cook (or don't cook haha) a little differently.

Saturday - Asian Steak Bites, Fried Rice, and Zucchini cheesy casserole

Sunday - We'll have lunch at my mother-in-laws when we drop the boys off. To celebrate being kid free for a few days, I have some snacks planned.  Bacon Crack, Crescent Wrapped Brie and Crackers, and Meatballs.

Monday - Tonight I have practice but, we still l need to eat.  As far as I know, Applebees still has their 1/2 price burger night on Mondays so we'll just get a burger.  It's about the least expensive thing we can eat!

Tuesday -Tonight we'll either go out to eat somewhere or I'll have Darryl bring something home - probably the second option just so we can hang out at home.  

Wednesday - The kids come home sometime today.  I love doing breakfast on Wednesday nights - I don't know why :-)  I thought I'd do a breakfast pizza and apple fritter rings.  Plus I can always throw a frozen waffle in for any kid who doesn't want to enjoy this goodness.

Thursday - Pan Fried Steak (we love beef!), Lemon Garlic Rice, roasted veggies.

Friday - Tacos

Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving???