Sunday, October 5, 2014

Things my kids Say (and Do)

* The boys and I were talking about the importance of telling the truth recently.  Nate then told me that, "Papa lied once."  So I asked him to tell me what happened.  Nate (and Josh too) said, "Well, Papa sneaked off with his friend."  I then asked if he got in trouble to which Josh said, "Yes, he got a Lickin'!"  Nate added, "He got TWO, one for lying and one for disobeying!"  So, Papa Stories are still livin' on and will be remembered by another generation!

* We've had a lot of this lately - Nate loves to get all of the trucks with trailers and make the longest car carrier he can possibly make.  I love seeing him drive it through the entire house, unload it, and then try to load it differently to get more cars on it.  This is called a "Traffic-a- jam".