Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Things My Kids Say

Nate - He saw a package of Chips Ahoy Cookies on the counter and said "Look Mom, Cookie Monster!" (the blue package . .. ) and then" Yum, I want a cookie!!!"  Ironically, we don't watch Sesame Street . . .yet he knows who Cookie Monster is from a play dough toy Josh got last year for his birthday. 

Josh - Josh picked a fresh black-eyed susan one morning, carried it inside, handed it to me and said "This is for my sweetheart".  How cute is that????

Nate - I was going downstairs to switch some laundry when I heard Nate yelling, "Mom, where are you going?  I'm going to come and get you!!" and the next thing I know, I had a 2 year old wrapped around my legs saying "I gotcha mom!"

Nate - One afternoon he came up to me and said "Mom, my cookie monster is hungry." and then pointed to his stomach.  Yep, it's our toy cookie monster that brings it out - they like to "feed" him so now when he is hungry, he wants to feed his own "Cookie Monster".

Josh - He is my "good jobber" and lately he has learned to ummm . . .use the pooper scooper.  I find it so funny because he says "I've got the Scooper Scooper" and then proceeds to scour the yard for the tiniest little  . . .. well you can figure it out. 

Nate - He was on the changing table recently and started pointing to the ceiling saying "look mom, a bird", or "Look, mom, a lion".  That's when I figured out that he was seeing shapes in the textured ceilings.  The kid has such an imagination!

Josh - Josh will run around and around in circles, stop and say, "Wow, I'm getting Bizzy" HA.  It's so cute - some day he will figure out that "B" should be a "D" but for now, I just think it is cute!