Friday, June 29, 2012

Food Friday . . Ummm. . Oops!

Of all weeks not to have a recipe - the week of the commenting challenge!  Normally, on Fridays, I post a recipe.  Whether it be something new I've tried or an old family favorite that I remember to take photos of . . I always have something!  Well, it's been a little warm in these here parts so we are eating a lot of hot dogs, burgers on the grill, Little Ceasers . . .you get the idea. 

If you are visiting - check out the tab near the top of the blog for all of the recipes I've posted (or at least most of them . . I "may" be just a little behind on linking a few up!). 

I actually really enjoy cooking on normal days - baking, trying new recipes, experimenting with new flavors - but my kitchen is hotter than anything right now so my daily goal is to not turn the oven on.  I'm doing a lot of Crock Pot Meals (or sides like baked potatoes or sweet potatoes cooked in the crock pot- yum!) and we are using the grill a lot too.  I also have a basic rule of thumb - if the temps hit above 90, we grab something out (or, like last night, the boys eat hot dogs cooked by dad since mom (also known as "me") had to head out for a hair appointment. 

Here's hoping for some new recipes in the weeks to come - I need to get busy cooking some fun things and taking photos!

Stay cool!