Saturday, December 22, 2012

Weekly Menu - Christmas!

 First of all!!  Happy Birthday to our wonderful THREE year old Nathan!!! Yep, today is the day!!!  We'll be celebrating this weekend so photos will come soon! 

Wow.  It's Christmas!  How amazing is that?  When December started, my goal was to get 5 meals in the freezer that I could use between Christmas and New Year's.  Well, guess what?  That so did not happen.  It's been so unseasonably warm here that I kept thinking that it was March, not December :-/

So here's the plan for this next week:

Monday - Christmas Eve - , We'll be heading to my parents house for Christmas.  Our tradition is to have snacks after the Christmas Eve Service so I will be taking Cherry Pie Dip, Bruschetta, Crescent Wrapped Dogs, and Bacon Dip.

Tuesday - Christmas - I don't have to plan or cook!  We are spending Christmas with my parents so my mom is doing all of that fun stuff YEAH!

Wednesday - Dinner tonight will be one of two things - either leftovers from the past weekend  OR Lasagna and garlic bread.

Thursday - Baked Chicken Thighs, Potatoes and Veggie

Friday - Stuffed Cabbage in the Crock, Smashed Potatoes and Salad

Saturday -Chili and Bread

Sunday  - Homemade Pizza for lunch; Baked Coney Dogs and Fries for Dinner

You may noticed that many of these meals are from last week - due to that nasty illness, we never went to the store and just picked up odds and ends throughout the week as we needed them.  This week is kind of recovery week before we hit the New Year :-)