Saturday, March 24, 2018

Our Week in Photos #35

Here's to another fun week!
St. Patrick's Day is one of our favorite holidays.  The "Leprechaun" hides treats all over the house (Rolo's) and "he" does it very sneakily so that two curious boys don't see him.  Let me tell you, that poor Leprechaun has his work cut out for him because those boys are always watching!  Here they are writing him a letter.  Nate's words were, "Mom, I'll know if it is you by the handwriting on the note the Leprechaun leaves.".  Well, when they got the note Nate said, "Wow!  It's NOT you mom - his handwriting is so squishy and he makes his letters backwards HA!  WHEW!
 The cat was trying to catch the leprechaun too HA!

 We spent the afternoon at a local cafe making hula hoops!  For real! 
 Josh and his hoop.
 Nate and his hoop.
 We love St. Patrick's Day shirts!!!  The boys and their finished hoops :-)
 They were both naturals - Nate has some serious hip action and can keep is going for quite a long time!

 Darryl had some fun playing with the hoops when he got home from work too.
 Our annual dinner of Stuffed Cabbage, Crash potatoes, Rainbow Jello and Green Mac and Cheese :-)

 Josh found a recipe for "snow" on a science youtube channel he watches so he made it.  And they played with it for two days.
 My house smelled fabulous from teh cream rinse used and there was a light dusting of baking soda all over the dining room but - they had tons of fun with it and lots of legos!
 Thursday night was the final night of the bowling league.  What a great program this was!  The boys had a blast and picked up some skills too.

Since it was the last night, they got free pizza, t-shirts, trophies AND they turned on the "glow bowl" lights for extra fun!

 The boys decided to create and sell artwork.  Josh is holding the "For Sale" sign.  Amazingly they sold some - a total of $9.00 worth.  A neighbor bought some . . ..
and Darryl might have bought some too HA!