Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Favorite Cleaning Products

Since I indroduced some cleaning/organizing things yesterday I thought the next logical step is to show you some of my favorite things.  Don't get me wrong - I don't love cleaning but I do LOVE cleaning products!  I've been working the past 6 months not to keep buying random things but to figure out what I love and just buy that even though I also forced myself to finish up some things I bought that I didn't like. 

Starting from left to right:
1.  The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner - nothing gets rust stains out better
2. Scrubbing Bubbles - I really like all scrubbing bubbles products but this is the new Extendi-Clean for the bathroom.  It really does seem to help the shower to stay cleaner longer
3. Iron Out - due to our extremely hard water which is  being treated by a water softener, we still get terrible rust stains in the tub (especially with 4 people taking at least one shower/bath a day sometimes two!) Nothing removes rust stains in the tub like Iron out; it really does wipe right out.  My disclaimer - you really need to wear a mask when using it . .. or just don't breath until you are done!
4. The Works - Yes, I have 4 things I use in the bathroom - I use the works more day to day to try and keep the Iron at bay.
5. Fabreeze Dusting Spray - It works great and it smells awesome!!
6. Windex - it is my go to All Purpose Cleaner - I use it daily to "Swish and Swipe" - I spray the toilet daily and wipe it down, and I spray the sink and mirror and wipe those down as well.  I also use it just for spot cleaning - it really works well.  It is also what I use to clean my stainless steel kitchen items
7. Clorox Anywhere - I use this in my kitchen.  I actually love cleaning with Clorox Clean up but because it has bleach in it and stains my clothes, I've switched to the Anywhere product. 
8. Glade Air and Fabric Spray - I love the smell of Glade :-)
Back row:
9.  Paper Towel - Yes, I still use paper towel for cleaning glass.  I've tried Micro Cloths and have yet to find one that I like.
10.  My Bucket - I keep all my cleaning supplies in it plus if I really need a bucket I have a great one
Front Row:
11.  Rubba Scrubba - It's a rubber brush that you can use anywhere - I use it mostly in my bathtub but it's also greate for spot cleaning the carpet or running along the baseboards to get animal hair out where the vacuum doesn't reach (It is  Flylady tool!)
12. Dusting Mitt - I've tired Feather dusters, rags, dusting clothes - but love this mitt.  I love that I can hold things in my hand and dust them. 

Just a few more :-)


My last three favorites:
1.  My Shark Steam Mop -  best thing I think I've ever bought for cleaning.   It's easy to use, heats up quickly and it doesn't matter if my kids crawl on the floor right away - it's dry and clean!
2. My Swiffer Sweeper Vac - ummm . .it competes with my Shark Mop LOL  I love how that I don't need a broom - it vacuums up all the little stuff and the cloth gets all the animal hair!.
3. And My toilet brush (who knew you could love it?) - It is a Rubba Swisha (also from flylady)  I like it because it is rubber so it dries quickly; it has a little piece that sticks up to get under the rim.  I clean my toilet daily - squirt a little dish soap or cheap shampoo in there and swish it around.  It makes a huge differance to do it daily!

Do you have favorites?  Maybe you'll inspire me to try something new - I'd love to get down to one thing to use in the bathroom but I haven't found a product that takes care of the rust like I need it to!

31 in 31 - Day 7

Decided to be random today and photograph the first thing that made think "peacefulness".  What a better picture than my sweet cat Misty sleeping in front of an open door with black-eyed susans in the background.  Just another view that I enjoy :-)