Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Photo Fun

We've had lots of fun around here the last few weeks so I thought I'd share some photos of whats been going on!

The boys love to help with my flower garden.  They know to pick the "dead" flowers and are very serious with their given task.
 So, Josh was taking a bath one night and I walked in, walked back out and got the camera, came back and got some fun photos.  This one makes me laugh out loud every single time.
Nate just being silly.  I like this photo because he still looks like a "toddler" . . .even though he is totally 100% little boy!

So, I attempted to take some photos of the boys recently and the photos above show you that I was not successful HA!  Squinty eyes and funny smiles is all I could get!
 We have a sunflower.  It's huge.  Yes, that's Nate standing next to it.  Ironically we didn't plant this group this year but last year the boys played with a big sunflower head that came off one our plants and it ended up sitting in that spot for a bit.  Obviously it dropped some seeds!
 One of the many roads that the boys built.  In the rain.
 The boys love playing instruments and creating a band. 
They also love playing games on the Ipads before bed :-) 

We had excitement at our house recently - they worked on our road.  Needless to say, we sat on the front porch and watched for quite awhile. 

Dinner time!  I've been informed that we can have tacos every single night for dinner because they love them.