Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Total Eclipse Of The Heart Lyrics

I know, I know.  Totally cheesy HA!  So, after all of the anticipation of this Eclipse the question the day after is . . .Did you view it?

Yes, I bought glasses for our family.  The kids were with my mom at her house, Darryl was in the dentist chair and I was at home.  I decided to try and get a few photos using my special glasses over the lens of my camera.

 I was really excited when this photo worked because I was like, Wow, I can actually get photos like every 15 minutes of the eclipse.  But, when I went out 15 minutes later, my telephoto wouldn't focus and it was almost like the glasses weren't strong enough anymore.

So I switched to my little lens and got these three shots.  Not great by any means but you can see how in the bottom photo, it was right at about 2:15 which was almost at the "best" time to see the coverage.

My mom took the boys to a local park so they could see it too.  They noticed that it got darker while they were there.  I found that even more intriguing then the actual Eclipse - the darkening of the day and how eerie it looked because it wasn't a true "dark" but almost like severe weather was coming (think about that eerie look before a tornado).

On a side note,  I bought our (well-researched, conforming) glasses on Amazon (from a reputable dealer) for $10.00 for 5 pairs.  I saw someone selling similar glasses on a local garage sale page for . . .$10.00 a pair!!!  Someone bought all 5 pairs for $50.00!!!  Shoot, I should of sold ours and made cereal box watch boxes instead HA!