Friday, June 12, 2015

Weekly Menu - with a little camping thrown in

I can tell it's summer.  The days are lazier, the weather is warm, and I don't blog as much ;-)  I'm putting off installing the window A/C units as long as possible since we haven't had unbearable weather yet but, that also means sitting with a warm computer on my lap in the evenings is not on the top of my list.  If I don't get a chance to write blogs during the day, it usually doesn't happen. 

This past week was filled with VBS which was an unexpected break.  I didn't work in it this year because I had originally thought my kids were going to stay with my parents (but they decided they really wanted to be at VBS instead so they both missed Sunday night and Josh missed Monday as he did stay with my parents an extra night).  So, I was able to drop them off and then actually have a few hours each night of down time.  On Monday, Darryl and I dropped Nate off and then went to Applebees for dinner - it's 1/2 burger night so, with tip, our meal was not anymore than McDonald's would have cost (but so much better!)  On Tuesday we ate at home but after dropping the boys off, we treated ourselves to Frappes. (Are you seeing a trend? HA)  It ended up being a great week!

This coming week we will be camping again and we can't wait.  Our last trip was so fantastic that we can't wait for this one.

Saturday - this will be our prep day before camping so I will be busy prepping food, packing and loading the truck.  We usually end up with at least one trip to the store too.  In order to save money, we'll eat at home - I'm thinking we'll just end up with Corn Dogs/Hot Dogs and Chips to make it super easy.  

Sunday - Camping day one!  We'll eat lunch before we hit the road and, as is our tradition, after we get everything set up, we'll head a few miles down the road to our favorite pizza place, Bernie O's, for dinner . Naturally, we'll have s'mores and, since I have marshmallow fluff in the cupboard, I might take some strawberries and try out the latest "roasting" craze (per pinterest) and see if they are any good.

Monday - Breakfast at the campground - Sausage McMuffins (homemade), cereal and fruit;  Lunch - Soppy Joes in the crock pot along with chips and salads.  (I did this last time and it was awesome!);  Dinner will be steak kabobs (ok, we've modified these and now I cook them in the electric skillet - it's easier with kids); Baked potatoes (I can do them in the crock pot - you have to love crock pot bags HA) and salads.  This is also the night we like to go to Ruthanne's and get ice cream  - it's fun to get ice cream and watch the sun set at the beach.

Tuesday - Breakfast will be waffles and bacon (nothing smells better in a campground than bacon!).  Lunch - we always stop at fast food on our way out of town.  By the time we have packed up, loaded up and headed out we are hot, tired and thirsty PLUS starving!  By doing this, we know we can get home, unload and put stuff away without dying of hunger!  Dinner will be Chili mac.  I did this last time and it was perfect - it's actually already cooked and in the freezer - the Chili will just need to be heated up and I'll cook up some spaghetti to have with the chili.   A perfect end to a perfect trip.

Wednesday - Dinner is leftovers.  Between camping and Chili, we always have leftovers.  Sloppy joes, salads, and potatoes plus if needed I can always make mac and cheese. Oh, and I will be gone all day at a conference - my mom will be here so this way, between the time I get home and the boys need to be at their last T-ball game, we don't have to think too hard about dinner!

Thursday - How's this. . .. I have no idea ;-)  I plan to take the boys into town since I'm not babysitting this week and do something fun.  We will probably meet Darryl in town for dinner after his doctor's appointment.  Whether it be Pizza Ranch or Smashburger - it will be something quick and easy.

Friday - As of the writing of this - I'm not sure if we will be home or at my parents.  My brother is moving to South Carolina and this is their last weekend home.  Depending on how the goodbye's will go - We'll either drive over on Friday evening or Saturday morning.  So maybe we'll have tacos tonight or maybe not :-)