Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tell Your Time

At the end of October, I told you about my New BFF known as Google Calendar.  I have totally embraced this online calender to set up everything from my cleaning schedule to my blog schedule to the fun activities I do plan to do with the kids.   Around that same time I came across a great post at Homeschool Creations on budgeting time written from her perspective with her homeschooling family.  It actually took me back to my "Life on Purpose" days; ironically before I came across either idea I had printed off some of the original worksheets from Life on Purpose in order to "simplify" my scheduling.  Using all three ideas, I've found something that is really working for me, for now ;-)

Following the example of Homeschool Creations, I created a wonderful weekly schedule.  I love documents like this because it allows me to see where I am overbooking my life and to cut back.

A few things about my schedule:
1) The white areas are just that - "blank".  I don't have anything specifically scheduled so it is kind of like free time.  It also gives me cushion in my schedule to get things done. 
2) Yes, that is "rest time" that you see from 2-3 Monday-Thursday.  I know that once kids are down for a nap and my kids are playing or watching their favorite cartoon, I'm ready to sit down and do nothing so I planned for it.  
3) This is an average schedule.  There will always be things that come up like doctor's appointment, scrapbooking or visits from friends and that's ok.  

This schedule is concrete - it helps guide my daily and weekly schedule because now I can plug the stuff I need to get done into the correct areas. 
This is my blank weekly schedule.  This is one of the documents from the original Life on Purpose workshop.  Basically it divides the day into Early, Mid and Late Morning and then Early, Mid and Late Afternoon.  This allows you (and me!) to plug stuff into a general time area not a time "slot".  For me, mid-morning is from about 9:00-10:30- which is dedicated to school when we are having class.  

Generally, I fill this in with pencil on Sunday.  I use my Google Calendar to list my planned cleaning chores, events, even what blog posts I want to write.  Then, I leave this on my desk next to my computer and have easy access to what I need to get done.  The blank spot on the bottom?  I've found that I list things that I need to remember to do the following week.  

Finally, I downloaded a copy of the book Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule so You Can Live Free It is just a short little book for a small price that came recommended.  I'm currently reading through it and have found it to be full of little ideas and great plans especially if you are a first time planner.  I really like how the author breaks things done such as breaking down what your roles are; Nonnegotiable vs Negotiable Activities and Fixed vs. Flexible Activities; Plotting your sleep because, we all need to sleep!  This guide is very easy to read and, with only 32 pages, easy to print, highlight, tape to your forehead, whatever you need!