Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Little Family Fun Day

Last Saturday we took time for a much needed Family Fun Day.  As a one car family, the boys and I don't get to go many places since Darryl, obviously,  has the car so on those rare Saturdays when he isn't working and we have nothing else going on we try to do something fun.  We've also been known to take off after church on Sundays and do some fun things too!  The added kick to this family fun day is that we wanted to do some things as a family before Darryl is laid up for awhile with the upcoming back surgery.

We headed to town with plans in place but then, we got caught in a pretty big traffic jam that set us behind just enough that we switched some plans around and that ended up being a better plan anyway.  We started by stopping at Smashburger for lunch. This is our favorite place to go for burgers, by far.  The boys love it too and the staff thinks the boys are fun and always talk to them while we are there.  Now, for this family fun day, we asked the boys what they wanted to do and we were given two very specific answers.  Josh has been asking to go to Chuck E Cheese for months so we did that next.  With the help of a coupon, I was able to get tons and tons of tokens for not a lot of money.  Our plan was to play until their tokens were gone but they had so many we ended up leaving with tokens left for next time.  What was great this time (it's been well over a year since we've gone to Chuck E Cheese) is that the boys were much more self sufficient with picking what they are going to play, putting their tokens in and just playing.  Surprisingly, the place was empty which made it nice too.

 Darryl hung out with Nate most of the time while we were there.  Nate did find a favorite game - it was one that handed out tickets like they were candy! 
 Josh actually made a basket - I was pretty impressed.
 Gotta love that concentration . . .. and that tongue!
 "Hi Mom!"  Nate enjoyed climbing through the tunnels too!

  Darryl and I had fun - we got to play Air Hockey with the boys and laughed so much.

The second requested place was . . .Catch Air.  We had visited there several months ago (and blogged about it too!) and the boys have been asking to go back.  It is such an awesome place because the kids can just run and play (and Darryl and I can just sit and talk . . and rest HA).  Again, it was empty (we then realized that there were two HUGE events going on in town  which is why the areas we were at were empty - it was kinda nice!) and they were giving 25% off  as a special deal which was an added surprise.

The boys played a lot then they wanted to take Darryl around and show him fun stuff.  Then, they talked me into going down the huge plastic slide with them and it was a riot.  We held hands and one would sit with me and we would FLY down that slide.  So much fun!

From there, it was time for some dinner so we hit Red Lobster for some Fish and Chips (well, for Darryl and I).  Josh loves fried shrimp so he got some popcorn shrimp and Nate, well, he ate Fries HA!  (His favorite food!).  Even though we were all tired, we couldn't forgo our tradition - we drove by Krispy Kreme and . . the light was on so it was time for a donut stop!  Josh loves his Chocolate Glazed Sprinkle Donut and Nate loves to watch them be made.