Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A Trip to Aldi's

As I've mentioned in several past Weekly Menu posts, I needed to try out Aldi's.  As silly as it seemed, it was a little overwhelming to me because, well, I know Meijer inside and out and it was so easy to just keep going.  Well, this past Saturday, in preparation for the big storm, I did the grocery shopping during the day.  I then mentioned that as a "family outing" after a treat of Taco Bell that we go to Aldi and walk around.  Well, only 2 of the 4 of us wanted to.  After dropping Darryl and Nate off at home, Josh and I went to Aldi's and walked around. 

We found some fun things.
 The Peanut Butter Cookies taste just like the Girl Scout Cookies!  I have tried the Mint Cookies and they aren't that great.  I also tried out the Caramels - wow, those are incredible! 
 Josh picked these out.  The trail mix is sooooo good!  He really likes the granola bars too. 
 I had seen these salad kits posted on facebook because they are so inexpensive - guess what, they are and they are super good!! 
Now, I bought this at Meijer - it cost $10.49.  Well, at Aldi, they had some ice melt and it was only $5.49.  Next time, I will get it at Aldi!!! 
Finally, I needed garbage bags since I forgot to buy them eariler.  These were about $2.00 cheaper than Meijer.  

So, yes, I've figured out that I can probably save some money at Aldi's.  Next week I will start at Aldi's for shopping and then finish up at Meijer. 

For me, it helped to be able to walk around the store without needing anything.  I could price shop and just see what types of things they have and what they don't have (like Darryl's yogurt) !!

I did buy Darryl some of his favorite canned spray cheese to try and he hated it HA!  I guess it is trial and error!