Thursday, April 17, 2014

Weekly Menu - The One with Easter

Do you know what I miss?  Being able to post about food prep from the week before!  I'm waiting for all of the fresh veggies and fruit to start looking a little better and then I can finally do that again!

I really have nothing else exciting to say this week so I'll just move on to the menu!

Friday - I'm going to try the same taco recipe as last week (which didn't turn out - the roast was like shoe leather!) but use some sirloin instead.  It should be tender!

Saturday - I am going scrapbooking a.l.l. d.a.y!!  (Seriously, it's a 10-10 crop!) So I'll leave meals for the boys.  Thinking just sandwiches for their lunch and then Darryl will have options for dinner like Mac and Cheese or Hot Dogs or Soup.  I have to take stuff for a potluck/snack so I'm going to make Taco Salad and the Ham and Pineapple Cheeseball.

Sunday - Easter!  I think I know what we are doing but I'll make you wait until I do a post about Easter to share what we eat!  For dinner lately, we've been enjoying soup (just the good old canned stuff), a relish tray and cheese/crackers.  It's simple and everyone has something they like.

Monday - I never did do breakfast for dinner a few weeks ago so we'll have it tonight - Eggs, Bacon/Sausage, Hashbrowns and Toast or Waffles

Tuesday - It was a little cold last week to Grill so, if the weather holds, we'll have Chicken on the Grill, Baked potatoes and green beans.

Wednesday - Darryl has a stomach scope today so my mom will be at the house.  Whats for dinner depends on when we get home.  Probably a fast food run will be in the works.

Thursday - So, tonight is the first night of Soccer.  My plan?  To make sure the boys eat a good snack at about 4:00 (soccer is at 5:30) and then I think we'll grab something on the way home after soccer.