Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fun in the Sun

We are truly enjoying our summer this year.  I thought I would share some more of our fun with all of you!

On Sunday, July 7th, Darryl called me when he was heading home from work at about 12:00 noon and said, "Hey, do you want to go to the beach?".  Folks, this is a milestone.  I used to have to beg to go to the beach - Darryl is not a sun lover at all so sitting on the beach was not his cup of . .. coffee HA  He has learned to love it especially because it is always cooler at the lakeshore.  Needless to say, I had a picnic packed and the kids ready to go when he pulled in the driveway 45 minutes later.  

The boys loved putting their beach chairs in the water.  It was just too cute.  We played at the beach for over two hours - it was actually getting cloudy and chilly, if you can believe that, when we packed up and headed for a picnic table for dinner.

On Saturday, July 13th, we headed to my mother-in-laws for the day and, for only the second time in almost 12 years, I got to ride in the boat!  It seems like any time we go there it is broken OR one time, it broke while we were on it HA!  This was also the first time the boys were on the boat too. 

It was a fabulous day on the water and at their house on the lake.  We enjoyed a cookout after the boat ride too and the boys had tons of fun playing with bubbles :-)

We headed to the lakeshore on Sunday, the 14th, as well because it was hot and humid but I never took my camera out.  We spent a lot of time in the water before heading to our favorite Pizza place - Bernie O's.  It was soooo good and the first time we had eaten there this summer.

Also over the past weekend, we started work on a project - or really Darryl did.  Power washing!

 Josh likes to make all kinds of funny faces when I take his picture . .. .
Nate is always just a tad more serious. . ..

Do you know why we are power washing the house?  Because we are getting ready to paint YEAH!  As soon as the summer heat goes away we'll paint - probably the beginning of September.  I can't wait to have a new color on this house!