Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Spring Break

Yes, Homeschooler's take a Spring Break, well at least we do!  Connections Academy, our online school, does a Spring Break as do our friends that we babysit so, too keep it fair, we don't do school either!

I try to plan a mix of activities over the week of Spring Break - for both the kids and for myself.  After months of schooling and busy life, the house needs attention and we all need a break.  Not to mention that after being stuck in the house for awhile, we are all ready to get out.

Spring Break officially starts on Friday, March 29th and the plan is to take the kids to the free movie - Hotel Transylvania 3.  This works because the movie starts at 10:00 so we need to leave home by 9:00.  This would normally be way to early for us but since our friends  by 7:30 - we are all up! HA!  That's really my only goal for this day.

The weekend is just our weekend.  I think we will hang out around home more than anything else.  Just relax and enjoy a break!  I'm hoping to set up a scrapbooking table so I can scrapbook all weekend

Monday - Monday is my day for the house.  I have some goals.  1) 20-30 minutes in the basement 2) Clean the Master Bedroom.   For the kids, I have a small craft planned.

Tuesday - Kids Day - This is weather dependent.  If the weather is comfortable we will head to the park.  Today is also our Co-Op's "Sponser Day" at Mooville so we will go and get Ice Cream as well.  There is an activity at the library which we may do if the weather isn't nice.

Wednesday - Another "me" day!  Oh, and the boys have dental appointments for cleaning Wednesday morning!   1) 20-30 Minutes in the basement 2) Clean the Kitchen and Stairs.  For the kids, I'll pick out some fun idea off of pinterest to do in the afternoon.

Thursday - Kids Day - We may go see another free movie (Small Foot) or see what activities the Library has locally.

Friday - The last "me" day  1) 20-30 Minutes in the basement 2) Clean the living room and playroom

Depending on the weekend - we might go to the Pet Expo on Saturday just for fun :-)