Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Thursday Thought

So, I'm sitting here on Wednesday night trying to decide what to write for Thursday.  I usually do a post on Mommy Time - or Tot School. I haven't done anything this week getting ready for fall - (wait for it . . . . wait for it . .. ) it's just too hot !  HA!  We have had preschool ever day.  How?  Well, with this!

"It's Like Preschool On TV" !!!  :-)  Yes, we have watched a ton of Nick Jr. this week.  I'm a little tired of The Fresh Beat Band and Peppy Pig  but I do kinda love Olivia and The freaky Backyardigans :-)   My kids have also surprised me a little this week - they both want fruit and tons of it.  Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, Pluots (plum and apricot mixed - they are kinda good), and Apples.  They want seconds and thirds so the heat must make that cold fruit taste really good! 

We, sadly, have eaten dinner "to go" every night since Monday (I guess that is only two nights!) I even bought an extra Little Ceasars Pizza last night so we could have it for lunch today!   My kitchen is a furnace so, every meal I have planned for this week, has been moved to next week - which will make up for eating out this week since we won't have much to buy.  Had I realized how hot it was giong to be this week - I wouldn't have shopped last week - we would have planned meals out to begin with :-) 

I have a few ideas for upcoming posts and even some new scheduled, weekly posts too.  I hope to get those up and going in the next few weeks.  Sadly, I write many posts in my head as I'm falling asleep and they never make it to the blog HA! 

We also have a huge family reunion this weekend - we haven't had one in 10 years and it should be fun.  Facebook has helped a lot - I have connected with cousins through facebook over the last few years so now we actually get to see each other :-)  And I'm getting together with a group of girls from high school too - should be fun!

So, on that random note - stay cool and enjoy the week!