Sunday, August 17, 2014

Things My Kids Say . .. Kinda

Apparently my kids have been quiet this week because I don't have any fun and crazy things to say. 

The boys and Darryl have been playing games and building houses out of Lincoln Logs - anything they can do sitting at the table.  Those boys love having their dad home right now! They've also been busy building roads using the scrap wood in the garage - even building a racetrack at one point.  Speaking of race tracks my boys have decided they love NASCAR.  Seriously.  I  never thought I would hear, "Lets watch the races today" in our house but, well, we hear that often.  They also love Monster Trucks, Dirt Bikes and Motorcycles.  Yes, they are boys. 

They are also counting down days until we go camping AND until we start school so their is lots of excitement in our house right now! Not to mention counting down days until their birthdays and Christmas.  And it was "decided" today that they both want to be Pirates again . . the same ones they were last year.  Now, I know, that this tends to change a few times before Halloween but for now, it appears we already have their costumes on hand - I just need to make sure they still fit :-)

So, my kids may be "quiet" but they sure do have a lot to say!