Sunday, March 23, 2014

Things my Kids Say

* Nate was talking to Darryl one evening and Darryl asked him when he got so smart.  Nate replied, "Dad, that is just how God Made me!" and then he proceeded to show him how fast God made him too by racing around the house.

* I've mentioned before that Josh loves to be in charge.  Well, he was in his element recently.  On this past Monday, I went to choir practice.  Darryl called me at about 9:30  (I was then at the grocery store) and told me that Nate had gotten sick so both boys were still up while he was trying to get everything cleaned up.  I quickly finished the shopping and came home.  I pulled in the driveway and as I got out of the truck I heard Josh yelling from the house, "Mom, Nate is VERY sick.  I put my hand on his head and my hand is ON FIRE!  I mean, he is SICK so you need to get in here."  I came inside and he proceeded to tell me, "Mom, Nate cannot have any milk or anything to eat because he is so sick.  He can only have juice and water.  AND He cannot breath on any of us or we will get sick.  I mean, mom, he is SICK and his head is on fire.  I told him to go to sleep so he did.".  Josh was in his glory, let me tell you!!!  Twice during the night he came to tell me that Nate was coughing or he thought he had gotten sick and then, when Nate did get sick again, he came out to tell us and was beyond thrilled that he also got to stay up to see Darryl off to work HA!  I don't think that kid slept more than a few hours because he was "His brother's Keeper!"  On Tuesday morning it became Josh's job to pick out new clothes for Nate every time he puked.

* The boys often will exclaim the following, "Nate Alervis Nate Alerves" or "Princess Alervis, Princess Alervis"  What does it mean???  Well, it is a combination of an alert and an emergency!  So when Nate was puking I would here Josh yelling that or when the princess is getting into something she shouldn't, the boys will start yelling.  I have no idea where that word came from but they say it with authority so I just refuse to correct it!

* Another night this past week, Nate said that he wasn't feeling well again.  After several trips up and down out of bed, he went to sleep.  A few moments later, Josh came out and said, "Mom, I will be your helper.  I will get you if we need anything" HA!  He's such a helper (and boss . . .)

* We were packing to go to Papa and Nana's - I told the boys they didn't need to take pillows or stuffed animals because Nana had that stuff for them.  Nate looked at me with great concern and said, "But, Mom, my baby is too young to stay home, he needs me so I must take him."  How can I argue with that logic?   By the way, his "baby" is a Ernie toy that I have had for years and he claimed as his own.  Some days he remembers his baby and some days, Ernie is stuffed under the bed . .. for weeks HA!