Saturday, January 30, 2016

Family Fun - Christmas Program

One of my favorites things about the Christmas holiday is seeing the boys participate in the church Christmas Program.  They practice beginning in September and really enjoy being part of the program.  The lady in charge does a great job with assigning parts as the kids grow and mature.  I look forward to seeing the boys do more and more in the years to come.

 This years program was set in the old west so the kids dressed the part.  Josh had a speaking part so he got to even wear a cowboy hat.
 Josh had several lines in the program.  He did great.
 Nate knew every single line in the entire play.  For real.  Without trying.  He was too young for a speaking part though . . .one more year!
 He still had all of his teeth :-)  Love this kid.

 Nate was part of the Nativity.  He knew his part too - a verse that he said loud and clear.  A big change from last year when she put the microphone in front of him and he zipped his lips and shook his head no!
 Josh loves to sing - can you tell:?
 Nate, the cutest shepherd ever taking his final bow.
Josh and his final bow.