Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Week in Review

One of the things I enjoy doing with this blog is sharing what we do - especially related to school, learning and other various activities.  Some weeks we are boring and some weeks we are not but either way, looking at the week in review is a good thing.  Every year I think about doing a photo challenge related to taking one photo a day so I'm going to attempt to incorporate that idea into this week post.  I'm sure I will miss days and that's ok but if I can get most days I'm doing better than I've ever done before!

I decided on this topic/the photos on Wednesday, January 4th so that's where I'm starting.

 On Wednesday we focused on playing.  I think it is funny to see what they play with - Nate pulled out old school Mr. Potato Head.  Josh worked on some Legos.  Nate had almost completed this one but had one section left so he asked Josh to do it for him so he could start another one.
 Thursday we focused on games.  This is a game that Nate got for Christmas called Suspend.  It is an awesome game.  It is a game of startegy and is fun for kids and adults.
 This is just a picture of Harley the cat because he is so cute.
We ended our week with taking down the tree.  The needles were literally just dropping off so I figured it was time.  The boys helped despite the prickly needles.  Vacuuming it up was crazy.  I will say my vacuum is super clean now too :-)

As you can probalby figure out, we are not back into school yet.  Technically their online school started but I told Darryl that if I was doing my own curriculum, we would not start school until next week so that's what we doing.  The semester doesn't end until the 20th and we will actually be done with lessons close to a week early as it is.