Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Phase one of the LIving Room Re-Do

I mentioned in my recent post about our Closet Switch that we had more fun coming and guess what, it's here!  After three years of planning, saving, needing that savings for unexpected things and saving again . .. . we bought new living room furniture.  I think I sat on about 400 couches over the course of one week not to mention chairs and rockers/recliners but we finally found the perfect furniture and it was delivered a week ago Thursday. 

We bought a couch with recliners, a chair that is also a recliner and a rocker with . . .yes a recliner.  I love to be able to put my feet up.  A couch just to sit on is not that comfortable :-)  We went to the Laz-Boy store after being mauled at Art Van by the sales people and found it so refreshing.  The sales clerk greeted us, told us to find her if we had questions and she walked away.  The boys played in the play area, the clerk never bothered us but was there the instant we had a question and the other sales clerk gave each of the boys a toy because they were so well-behaved.  It was cute because Nate saw a chair that looked like one that used to be "his" and said, "Look mom, that looks just like the chair I puked in!" (yes, he did, and yes, that chair was ruined.)  At that point the sales clerk told us about the fabric protection we could buy that WOULD cover puke HA!  (The best part of that is this particular store will refund the money if you never have to use the policy - how cool is that!).

Anyway, here are some photos - yes the kids were on it quickly :-)  I'm loving it.  I finally have a place to sit.
 I almost always forget to take "before shots" so this is a shot of the living room after we had cleared out most of the old stuff :-)
 The truck is here!!!! 
The couch :-)  It reclines on both ends and is so comfy!
 The sun kinda makes this photo difficult to see but there is a chair that matches the couch that has a footrest that kids out and beyond that is a rocker/recliner. 

Everyone loves it :-)  We all kinda claim spots but we've told the boys that the furniture belongs to everyone and anyone can sit anywhere they want!

This is only phase one.  We will be replacing our huge TV stand that we purchased about 5 years ago to house an "old" TV.  We need something much smaller now.  Also, there is paint in our future, new window treatments and new artwork.  Stay tuned!