Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Too Cute Not Too Cute

I was able to make quite a few crafts in January but when February hit I was busy with Valentine's and Birthday Ideas so my crafts got put on hold.  I've had fun searching for some great ideas and hope you enjoy them too!  Obviously, when I search for things, I look for things that I can make, wish I could make or that I could use in my own home.  It's always fun to look at all the creative ideas out there in blog land!

First up is My delicious ambiguity and she is sharing some great ideas for celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday!  This is always a big day with the young elementary students.  I look forward to using some of these ideas in coming years.

Than, over at Creative passage is a great idea for necklace storage.  I'm currently looking for ideas for jewlery storage so I can see what I have which is why this caught my eye - this is something I could easily make and hang in my closet. 

Bella Before and After shares a great tutorial on how to line your kitchen drawers.  I love it for two reasons - one, I love the paper she used and want some and two, I'm on the front end of a kitchen redo and need something pretty to cover up the ugly wood that isn't being painted!  This is my solution :-)
Here's another idea that I love and fits in with my "Simplify" plan from Kara's Korner.  I want to put shelves on both boys bedroom walls to hold books (I LOVE books and so do they so far!).  I've seen the gutter shelves -made out of . . well . . .rain gutters.  This is the first tutorial I've seen for wood shelves and I really like how simple they would be to build.  I think I might be able to convince my husband I NEED these :-)

A Home Made by Kiki shares a super cute and easy idea for making a dog food can.  I've been looking at dog food/treat containers recently to make upgrades to my kitchen.  This is so cute!
Easter is just around the corner and Oopsey-Daisy gives a super easy tutorial to make a ruffled Easter Basket

She also gives some more great links for ideas to use for Dr. Seuss' birthday!

This is a super cute idea from over at Craftomaniac for making an adorable Alphabet Initial Wall Art.  She used just initials of her boys but i think you could do the whole alphabet . .. and I have an Alphabet fanatic in my house currently. . ..

This next one I had to share because I used to make these all the time back in high school.  They were used as a  party favor somewhere and I just loved the idea. Crafts by Amanda offers up a great tutorial for easy Leprochan hats!

This idea from A Creative Princess seriously made me laugh out loud and I WANT one!!  It is an excercise box - you just need to read her post - it will make you want one too!!

So, what are you going to make first??