Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What we're eating - My Pantry upgrade

 Cooler weather is finally arriving and that makes me actually enjoy cooking a little more.  It makes me want to try new recipes and actually prep meals, desserts, and other fun things.  Before I share recipes though, I wanted to share some photos of my upgraded pantry!
Now, the portion on the right hand side has been there for years.  Darryl put shelves up for me years ago and I have used them to their fullest!  (And kept them full!)  The other side was just open, wasted space.  I've been meaning to have Darryl add shelves for awhile but with his back surgery, it just didn't happened.  My parents came over a few weeks ago and my dad offered to do any jobs I needed done (Or maybe my MOM offered for him to do it HA) so I asked him to add shelves!  I love them :-)  I now have more space to organize the "extra" stuff we have and not have stuff buried everywhere.

I've been reading about how harsh this winter is going to be so I wanted to "stockpile" a few things that we use often like Graham Crackers, Ketchup and Juice.  Now, I'm not going crazy because we do only live 5 miles from stores, my husband is a professional driver so driving in snow is not a big deal - even deep snow thanks to the Trailblazer - and I also watch the weather so if they are calling for a huge storm we WILL be making a run to the store!  BUT, just in case we get a surprise . . .we'll have a few things!  I also have some things I want to get in the freezer - Cooking some whole chickens so we have the meat for pizzas, chicken and dumplings and more, a few batches of chili and spaghetti sauce.  Nothing major, just things that would be nice to pull out at the last minute.