Saturday, March 10, 2018

Our Week in Photos #33

We had a pretty busy week!

 We went to my mom's on Saturday and Sunday last weekend.  It was a great time which included eating lunch at Frankenmuth and doing some shopping. 

On Monday, the boys had their first day at the co-op Choir - I didn't get a single photo because I was running kids back and forth and just ran out of time!

On Tuesday, I was able to take the kids to a new art class.
A friend of mine found it and we both signed our kids up.  They seemed to have fun and they painted these bird houses.  We might try to go once a month. 

 Wednesday brought a surprise - a snow storm!  We got about a total of 8 inches of snow before it was done and it gave us an unexpected day home! There was no AWANA and Darryl was even home for the evening.  I loved the beautiful snow and loved the day "off" during a busy week!

 Thursday was a fun day.  First, the kids and I drove to Grand Rapids to meet a high school friend of mine for lunch.  Nope, no photos but it was a great time!  Then, Thursday evening was bowling!  It was another great night and I'm so thankful we signed up for the is league.

 On Friday, the boys tested for their next belts in Tae Kwon Do.  Both did great and passed - Josh moved up to the Orange belt and Nate moved to the Yellow Belt. 

By the time Friday night rolled around we were all pretty wiped out and enjoyed a quiet night at home!