Sunday, February 2, 2014

Things My Kids Say

* One day last week, Nate came walking into the kitchen, pulled down his pants, turned around and mooned us . . .and laughed.  This happened the day he returned from Papa and Nana's which tells me one thing - he learned that at their house! HA!

* Nate was eating a popscicle one afternoon when he ate the end of it (he usually just licks them and throws them away).  He said, "Mom, I ate the big part, I'm so proud of myself." :-)

* Nate picked out socks to put on before going outside but they happened to be slightly different. He said it was ok because that is how God made them at his sock factory in heaven. 

*It is so much fun to watch my kid with a vivid imagination teach the kid that is realist how to play make believe. "Come on, Josh those are hot lava rocks, jump over them", "Where, Nate, that's just the floor", "No LOOK, they are so hot don't touch them", (Josh) - "Ohhhhh I think I might see them now." hahahahaha