Friday, August 25, 2017

Weekly Menu

This is "clean out my fridge, freezer and cupboard" week!  I feel like we have lots of food and it's time to use up some stuff before buying a bunch more.

Friday - Dill Shrimp Pasta, garlic bread, and salad/veggies

Saturday - Tacos, beans and rice

Sunday - Roast, Carrots and Noodles

Monday - Pork Chops and Rice, and a veggie

Tuesday - Omelets (ok, not real omelets . .. more like "scrambled" omelets since they are easier HA!), crescents, and Applesauce

Wednesday - We usually eat with my mom so we'll decide on Wednesday what we are eating (Sometimes she even cooks HA!)

Thursday - Something with chicken - chicken orzo soup, chicken and dumplings . . .I'm just no tsure yet.

I'm sitting here realizing that the next menu I write will cover Labor Day Weekend.  How in the world did that happen???  To me, this summer has been pretty amazing.  We are enjoying have my mom close by; we have enjoyed swimming in the pool (and will continue to do so for as long as possible!!!); we have enjoyed doing quite a few various activities because all four kids are old enough to be much easier to take places; and I personally have enjoyed not having a summer of death with unbearable temps and humidity.  This year I'm actually sad that we are on the tail end of summer (and usually I'm screaming SNOW right about now to cool of the ground that is hotter than the center of the earth HA!).  As we slowly step into fall, though, I'm also looking forward to more bonfires, cooler days, changing leaves, and the crisp, cool, clear, freash air.  Pumpkins, cidar, corn mazes and more are all so much fun!