Monday, September 21, 2015

It's been quiet around here . . .

You may (or may not) have noticed that it's been quieter around this blog than it usually is and, if you have noticed, you would be right. There isn't anything wrong or "going on" it's just, quite simply, that our new choice for homeschool is totally, 100% working me to death.  I mentioned last week some things about it and, well, it just keeps going.  Pretty much I'm prepping to teach a Kindergarten class and a 1st grade class every single day but I only have one student in each class.  I'm reading lesson plans, printing worksheets, tearing out workbook pages, printing tests, finding craft supplies, making sure we meet our weekly PE requirements, finding art supplies and more.  So most of my evenings are now filled with figuring out tomorrows lessons - not writing for my blog.  Just last night, as I was attempting to print this weeks lessons I had to fix the printer once due to a problem with the ink cartridges and then, 10 minutes later, a paper jam which then caused the whole machine to cease up.  Today I'll be making a phone call to see if Canon can help me fix it.  It's a requirement for school because I need the printer, copier and scanner -I have to scan in documents to send to their teachers as specific assignments that are graded which both boys have multiple assignments due this week.

I spent time last week reworking their schedule so our Fridays would be "free" - "Free" is a relative term because I did this so we have a day to catch up if needed.  Catch up on school work for sure.  But also for me to catch up as, right, the only three things I do every day besides school work is laundry, cook meals, and make sure the kitchen is half way clean.  Otherwise there is nothing - there is no time in the day. 

So, this is not a pity party or anything else - it's life right now.  I'm still hoping that in the weeks to come it will level out but for now, this blog might be quieter.  :-)