Monday, March 24, 2014

In a Slump . . ..

Sorry blogger friends.  I've been in a slump the last few weeks without many ideas of what to write about.  This is the first time this has really happened since I started writing several years ago.  We haven't been doing much and that is, I'm sure, part of the problem since I have no crafts or fun kid ideas to share.  My cooking has taken an nose dive so even coming up with new recipes and fun cooking ideas have been a little trying.  Hang with me, though, and I'm sure I'll get back into it soon!.

Homeschool Corner - Dinasaurs galore!

This past Sunday we planned a family fun day.  Without Football to watch (yes, we really are die hard fans of Sunday Football), we've found that planning fun activities on Sunday are the way to go.  We are already out for church and it's nice to have something to do.  Plus, this frees up Saturday for us to hang out at home and/or work on some projects.

On Sunday, the 16th, we headed to Church and Sunday School first and had a great morning at church.  From there we headed out to dinner and decided to try out IHOP since it would be easy with the boys.  Well, once is enough for us. HA!  We were both craving a place called Mega which is near my parents house and hoped this might be a half way decent substitute but it was not . . . .  oh well.  Next time we will eat somewhere else that is for sure.  Then we headed to the Grand Rapids Public Museum to see the Dinosaur Exhibit.

We arrived at the museum and got THE perfect parking spot which is beyond amazing when you consider we had to wait 45 minutes in line to get inside.  Geesh!  It was worth it though.  Here's my confession - I haven't taken the boys to this museum because I find it kinda of, well, boring.  I've been many times and figured they wouldn't like it.  Boy was I wrong.  They loved it and now, I need to take them back where they can just explore the place.

 Nate was totally 100% intrigued by the dinosaurs from the moment we walked in.  They are, after all, his favorite animals!
 Josh, on the other hand, was intrigued by the windows and seeing how far up we actually were (it is very high due to the river that runs right by!)

 The exhibit was fantastic.  The dinosaurs move and make lots of noise.  Nate wanted to know the name of every one of them and also wanted to know what facts were listed on the display boards.
 On the other hand, Josh wanted to play.  His favorite areas were the hands-on areas.  Often times Josh and I stayed in those areas while Darryl and Nate walked through the dinosaur areas.

 Once we finished with the dinosaurs, we wandered through part of the museum.  The boys loved the old train car.
 Josh dared to get on the huge bike.
 The boys and I in "Old Town" Grand Rapids.
Darryl and the boys.  Yes, Josh always makes funny faces. 

We also rode the carousal.  The boys loved it and had huge smiles on their faces.  There was no way I could get a photo though.  I was just trying not to get sick from going in circles over and over and over . . HA!

I'm looking forward to taking the boys back.  I think going on a weekend day during the hot days of summer will be on our bucket list!