Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekly Menu

I have no great insight or stories this week.  We pretty much ate what was planned last week except on Sunday we had Lasagna and Chicken Noodle Soup left so instead of cooking another big meal, we just ate that (and the boys ate Hot Dogs - which they love.)

Here's what is on the plan for the coming week:

Saturday -Originally I was supposed to go Scrapbooking but it got cancelled due to weather!  At the writing of this, Darryl may work now on Saturday (it kinda depends on if he takes Friday off because of the impending snow storm) so the plan is Pizza.  Not sure from where - Jets, Little Ceasers, or Pizza Hut depending on whether he works and what we really want!

Sunday -Darryl will be working today.  The boys and I will grab lunch after church and then I plan on cooking up some Chicken Enchiladas to have for dinner.  This was on the plan for last week but didn't for various reasons.

Monday - Amish Chicken, Buttered Noodles, Cherry Fluff Stuff, and Rolls

Tuesday - Onion Scallion Beef, Fried Rice and Egg Rolls.

Wednesday - Ham and Cheese Breakfast Pies, Tater Tots (because my kids love them more than anything else) and Fruit.  I may or may not toast a waffle for each of the boys if they won't eat the pie.

Thursday - Broccoli Soup  and Rolls.

Friday - Tacos :-)