Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I'm Reading . . .well, not really :-)

I don't really have any specific books to tell you about today.  I've read a few books, stopped reading a few because they were awful . . .but instead of that I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things today and get back to the books next week :-)

Guess what? Tassimo has finally gotten my favorite drink back on the shelf!!  We stopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond on Tuesday because I heard a rumor they were heading back into stores and I was so thrilled to see that wonderful package!!  It was the best thing ever to make a cup of coffee on Wednesday morning :-)

I forgot how much I love Tomato Soup :-)  This has become my lunch of choice lately and I just love it.  I had it for lunch for all 6 weeks I was in the hospital while pregnent with Josh (and sometimes I had it with dinner too)

I have discovered Sprite Zero and love it.  Here's the truth - I'm not a water drinker; I love the fizzy goodness of a soft drink and that is when it hit me.  It isn't so much that I love Pepsi (which I do) but rather I love carbination!!  Sprite Zero is perfect .. it is light and lemony and . . .fizzy :-) 

I had forgotten about Skinny Cow frozen treats but they were on sale last week so I picked up some ice cream sandwiches and they are so good.  Plus it is a great way to have portion control!

Kinda funny that most all of the things I'm loving are related to food :-)   I was really getting bored with some things I was eating/drinking so I went back to the basics and found things I really love :-)

What about you??  What are some of your favorites???