Friday, September 29, 2017

Weekly Menu

Things are really starting to quiet down which means that our menu starts to stay the same.  This week's menu is unique because my husband just had some major dental work done and is on a very limited diet since everything has to be soft.  So, trying to keep it simple without having to make multiple meals for different people and not go crazy! Really, this next week it is more of an idea than a plan ;-)

Basics that will be eaten in this house this week between the husband and the kids:

1) Mac and Cheese
2) Mashed Potatoes
3) Baked Sweet Potatoes
4) Tomato Soup
5) Refried Beans w/ Cheese
6) Chicken Nuggets and Fries (can you guess that's for the kids HA!)
7) Spaghetti
8) Cream of Wheat
9) Acron Squash

I might add a few extra things for me
1) Tacos
2) Left over Pulled Pork BBQ
3) Pancakes and Bacon
4) Lasagna (seriously - I'm the only one who really loves it so I thought I might make a big pan and eat it all week HA!)