Sunday, August 12, 2018

Summer Fun Week 11

This week we are back to our "norm" as our friends are back from vacation.  That tightens my schedule a little because I have to watch the clock!  (Last week I did not!)  This is also kind of a boring week HA!  For real.

Here are some goals/plans for the week.
1) Sunday Darryl and I are heading out for dinner for our anniversary (which was Saturday the 4th) The kids are going to hang out with my mom while we are out.  Plus our last VBS starts tonight!
2) I want to finish up the cleaning of the playroom in the morning before heading to the pool . . on Monday.  Don't forget VBS in the evening!
3) It's time to clean the master bedroom - it tends to be the catch-all while I'm cleaning other rooms.  So, that will fill the morning before swimming in the afternoon and VBS in the evening . . .on Tuesday
4) We are camping this weekend so I want to focus on camping - gathering the things we need that aren't in use like extension cords, sheets/blankets/sleeping bags.  Making lists and planning our trip.  Can you guess what we will be doing in the afternoon? Swimming!  And VBS in the evening . . .on Wednesday.
5) Thursdays are laundry and shopping most weeks.  If we can squeeze it in, we will swim and then it's the last night of VBS.
6) Swimming on Friday :-)  I'm tired.
7) There is a kite festival at our Fairgrounds that I want to take the boys to in the midst of packing for camping on Saturday :-)  There is also a customer appreciation day at our favorite farm market and friends are selling cupcakes at a local farmers market too.  Not ot mention we have to get ready for camping!  WHEW!

Our week was pretty simple - we swam a lot which was great.  The pool is probably one of my favorite places to be in the summer!  Darryl and I did go out for our anniversary at one of our long time favorites - Chinese (First Wok) followed by some shopping.  The kids did attend our local community VBS throughout the week.  The master bedroom did get cleaned and the playroom was finished.  On Friday I took time to take "formal" photos of the kids to hopefully pick out a new photo for our wall.  Saturday we didn't do anything except go to the laundrymat and get ready for camping.  Nothing else really worked out timing wise to do but that's ok.   I also didn't take many photos this week!