Saturday, April 27, 2019

Our Week in Photos #16

What a fun week we had!  I always notice that from Mid-April until the end of May we tend to get busy.  The days get nicer, we have holidays, and year head things that keep us hopping!

On Saturday we enjoyed a couple of Easter Egg hunts - well, Nate and I did.  Josh decided on Saturday morning that he wasn't "feeling it mom" and didn't want to go.  I know he's getting a little older so that's ok but we did miss him! 

 Nate and all his "loot" - notice the wind blown hair?  It was WINDY at the egg hunts but at least it wasn't raining this year! 

On Saturday evening we decorated eggs.  This year I bought a big kit with lots of different things to use to decorate the eggs.  Both boys said they liked what we did all the other years better - which is making egg dye with koolaid and just dying them HA!  Lesson learned!  Keep it simple, sister! 

Sunday brought Easter!  We always start our day with church - the baskets "magically" appear after we go to church and are waiting once we get home. 
 After dinner I managed to get a few smiles from the boys for pictures.  

And then we had the annual Easter Egg hunt at home - it's amazing how fast that bunny hides the eggs.  They boys and their bags HA! 

On Monday the boys had haircuts, we ate lunch out and ran a few errands.  
 Harley - we love him dearly :-) 
 Nate and his friends hanging out on a beautiful afternoon. 
 Josh hanging out with his friends on the xbox. 

 You can't see it well but there are buds on my willow tree which is the sure sign of spring (yet as I write that, we have a winter weather advisory for Saturday night HA!) 

Wednesday night were AWANA awards at church.  Josh got to be the flag bearer. 

 Nate with his AWARD for finishing his book.  He also finished all of the silver sections which is above and beyond what is done in club. 
 Josh holding his award.  He also finished his book and the silver sections. 

 After the ceremony, the kids all played some of their AWANA games for the parents to see. 

On Thursday we met friends at the local park - it was a beautiful day! 

Finally, on Friday night we attended the AWANA fair.  This is such a great night of games and food where the kids get to earn tickets to "buy" things at the store.  The boys had so much fun.  Because they completed their books and the silver sections they got a free pass which means they could play as many games as they wanted and get as much food as they wanted without needing to worry about "points".  It's a privilege to earn that! 

Such a great week!