Thursday, July 10, 2014

Weekly Menu

I figured a good place to get back into posting would be the weekly menu post because, well, it's easy.

Do you have a favorite snack?  I've been searching for "the" snack that would meet the sweet and little salty craving I get.  I've tried peanuts, the new salted-caramel peanuts, cheetos, cookies, animal crackers . . .and nothing really met that craving.  Then, I opened a box of Vanilla Wafers I bought weeks ago and guess what?  They fit the bill!  It's the perfect snack - count out 8 crackers/cookies and it meets whatever craving I have!!

I did not take any food prep photos this week and I should have!   I cut up a whole watermelon, boiled eggs, cooked up bacon (for lunch with leftovers for salad), chopped lettuce and seperated out a huge package of chicken thighs.  One night for dinner last week I put out a salad "bar" for Darryl and I that included chopped bacon, chopped ham, eggs, pickled beets, and croutons.  It was awesome. 

Anyway, here's our menu plan for the coming week:

Friday - A friend of mine asked what she could do for us right now so, she is bringing us dinner.  She is one of the best cooks I know so I know it will be good!

Saturday - My brother, sister-in-law, and niece are tentatively coming for the evening and, if it all works outs, they are buying pizza.  If it doesn't, well, we will order in anyway :-)

Sunday - I kinda have no idea right now . . .  .better decide before I go to the store on Saturday! 

Monday - Our church is graciously bringing us meals a few times a week and tonight is one of those nights.  We are looking forward to a wonderful meal cooked by someone else!

Tuesday - This is leftover night.  Generally when people supply meals, there is extra food.  I do have simple things in the freezer as back up such as ham slices to go with eggs, waffles or pancakes for a quick meal if needed.

Wednesday - Sour Cream Bake - a friend brought us a meal before surgery and it was this recipe.  I loved it and wanted to make it again.  I'll add some rolls, green beans and salad and everyone should be happy!

Thursday - We are looking forward to another home cooked meal cooked by someone else!