Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pinterest Challenge

This past week we have been really focused on trying to wrap up all of the little projects in the kitchen that have been hanging over us since we started the small makeover.  I have quite a few ideas posted in Pinterest in my kitchen folder but right now this is the one that made the cut!  This idea is a cute frame that holds keys - you can find the post in my Pinterest board HERE but it is only a photo.  The link takes you back to a photo site, not an instructional post.  Here is a photo of the inspiration:
It is such a simple, but creative idea to hang keys.  Prior to painting, I had hung up some command hooks in the place where this frame will hang to make sure that we liked hanging our keys. It was perfect.  Such a great way to get them off the counter so we know where they are and they don't get buried!

Framed Key Holder:

1 frame - whatever size words for you just make sure it is big enough to hold your keys
Hanging hooks - again whatever size and color match your frame
Ribbon - optional

1. Hot glue ribbon along the top and bottom of your frame.  (Depending on your frame, you may choose not to use ribbon - I purchased an inexpensive black frame that needed some help!)
2. Hot glue ribbon along the sides of your frame.
3. Add your hooks - I hot glued mine onto the back of the frame.  If you use a solid wood frame, you may be able to actually screw them into the wood.
4. Add hangers to the back.  I cut apart the piece of backing that came in the frame to remove the hangers from the original frame .
That's it!  Easy Peasy :-)  You'll have to check back to see it hung in the kitchen when I post the finished photos this coming weekend !!

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