Saturday, November 11, 2017

Our Week in Photos #20

It was a pretty quiet week!
 Nate loves to play games so he pulled this favorite out. 

 They had choir practice on Thursday night.  (That's Josh with his hood on and Nate in the red striped shirt) 
 Lots of school work happened this week.  I have a goal of being ahead enough that we can take the week before Christmas off.  I love really long Christmas breaks :-) 
 Today was our last day of Friday School this semester.  Josh and another girl decorated this cake in their Cake Decorating class. 

 The boys made this fabulous tarts in their cooking class.  
Nate got to write about his favorite animal that they studied in his Animal class. 

As I'm sitting here on a Friday evening, I'm realizing that this is the first quiet Friday night we've had in awhile.  We got home from Friday school and I put on my Pj's, got my favorite blanket, a great cup of coffee (from Bigby!), my book and snuggled with my cat. HA!  What exciting lives we live around here :-)