Monday, December 24, 2012

The Grinch and SomeTinsel - the week of total sickness

This will be the last post about our Grinch and Tinsel activities.  I think as the boys get older (and I'm slightly more organized) this will become an even more fun tradition.

Saturday, Dec 15th
So, I had grand plans for today - it was Christmas Cookie Decorating Day!!!  I had the package of cookie mix ready (don't judge store bought cookie dough with toddlers HA), two cans of frosting and some sprinkles ready to go.  Then . . .I got so unbelievably sick it isn't even funny.  I spent all of Saturday either in bed or on the couch (and my children were fantastic all day) with sinus pressure, coughing, congestion, chills, fever . .. everything that goes along with the true flu. I can honestly say I have not been this sick in years.  I am diligently praying that no one else in the family gets it or we will miss all of the Christmas activities next weekend.  As it is, I had to back out of singing a duet at church on Sunday and singing in our last Lakewood Area Choral Society Concert.

Sunday, Dec 16th through . . the rest of the week
Ok . . .ready - we did nothing because we were all so terribly sick.  The boys ask for chocolate one day so I just gave them some Hershey Kisses.  I had several crafts to do this week and right now, everything has been put on hold.  We'll do them - they will just be done after Christmas. Shoot, as of this moment, we are considering not doing our Christmas with the kids until New Years because we have been too sick to do anything to get ready for it.  So we'll see what happens!!