Friday, March 8, 2019

Weekly Menu

Last weeks menu went out the window.  I'm not sure what happened other than our plans kept changing so our meals kept changing.  Oh well.  Some weeks are like that and that's ok :-)  Plus, last week I wasn't into going to the store HA!  So I tried to use up things we had at home and just made quick runs to the store.  So what's in store this week (if I go to the store LOL) ?  Here's the plan.

Friday - Breakfast - French Toast Sticks, Sausage/Bacon, and Hashbrowns

Saturday - I'm going scrapbooking today.  I'm leaving Corn Dogs and Chicken Nuggets for the boys and Darryl to cook up for dinner.

Sunday - Stuffed Shells, Green Beans and Garlic Bread

Monday - BBQ Cups and Fries/tater tots

Tuesday - BBQ Spare Ribs, Potatoes, asparagus, and Rolls

Wednesday: Our normal AWANA Routine - I cook something simple for the boys and I enjoy something simple after I drop them off.

Thursday - Chili and Rolls