Saturday, October 25, 2014

Family Fun - Cars and Trees

These first photos just  made me laugh. We were getting ready to go to the hospital with Darryl for his Cat scan several weeks ago.  The boys wanted to take some cars so they were filling their pockets.

 Super cute Nate :-)
 Josh loves to dance and move and be silly!
 He found places to put cars in every single pocket in his pants.  I did convince them to use a bag though :-)
Josh has LOVED our new piano.  This was a gift and it is a gift that gets used every single day but at least one person in our house (Usually by all of us though!)

Finally, we had some HUGE excitement at our house one Friday.  Our neighbors across the street had a HUGE tree that needed to come down.  We had a front row seat out on our front porch.

 Gotta love that sweet face of Nate's.  He's losing that "baby face" but every once in awhile I still catch that sweet little face in a perfect shot!
 Yes, we even had snacks on the porch while we watched. 
 Going . . . .
 Going . . ..

This tree literally came within inches of taking out the corner of their house.  The neighbors came over to stand by our porch to watch it - fully expecting to land on top of their house HA!