Wednesday, March 7, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

I've been working on getting my St. Patrick's Day stuff done and put out; it's time to share my fantastic wreath that I made!  My inspiration comes from The CSI Project and I found it on Pinterest (so I guess I could have done this for my weekly Pinterest post, huh?).  It is actually an idea from a blog I follow all of the time, Craftomaniac so maybe that is why I kept thinking it was not a Pinterest Project! Anyway, here is the inspiration photo.
I love the green and brown color combination - it keeps it a little more grown-up, I think. 

Here's my little tutorial :-)

Ribbon (wide)
some type of decor

Now, you might notice that I don't actually have a wreath.  I've seen the idea of taking one of those pool noodles, cutting it down, and then duct taping the ends together to make a wreath.  I figured for $2.00, I could try this option (Plus, I cannot, for the LIFE of me, find the wreath form I have in the house . .. the boys like to play with it and now it has disappeared.  I probably hid it from them . . and apparently myself!)  Then, see the "Irish" plaque?  I found that at Hobby Lobby for $8.00 and used the 40% off coupon to get it.  I could not find any shamrock or horseshoe shapes while there so this was my solution. 

I would love to say that I took pictures of the whole process but I did not so I will show you the finished product and tell you how I got there - it did not go as planned but turned out well in the end.

Isn't that great?  What I ended up doing was wrapping the ribbon around the noodle-turned-wreath because the tulle would NOT cover the red noodle and make it not . . .red.  Then, I wrapped the tool over the ribbon to cover any of the tiny bits of red shining through.  Once done, I hot glued my "Irish" board onto the wreath and added some glittery little shamrocks as well.  I really love this wreath and actually have it facing inside the house on the door so I can enjoy it (Instead of facing out for guests to see!)

I have a couple  of things I'll show on a different day :-)