Monday, January 12, 2015

Make It Monday - New Pinterest "Plan"

First up, I'm fighting a losing battle with my power cord for my computer and will be ordering a new one this week but, if I "disappear" in blog land for a few days it is simply because both my power cord and my battery are dead :-)  Crazy!

Second, I love pinterest as much as the next person but it is so easy to "pin, pin, pin" and never accomplish anything - even great ideas so what is my new plan?  Some specific boards.

1) Each Month, I create a secret board where I pin all kinds of ideas that pertain to that month (especially for school) and I go through my other boards and pin ideas I'd like to accomplish that month.  Why is it secret?  Well, because that way I was blowing up other peoples boards but, really, I highly dislike the secret board because it is hard to use :-)  So, I'll probably start making them unsecret HA! 

2) Each week, I go through that board and pin the things I really want to get done, really want to research, or really want to start :-) 

For example, I pinned a variety of things to my "This Week" board last last week.  Over the weekend I actually went through and read each item to determine whether or not I really wanted to do it or if it wasn't really a good fit.  I actually deleted a good 4-5 ideas.  I had pinned several Bible Study ideas I thought looked good but as I investigated them, I discovered they were all pinned from Morman's and followed their teachings/set-up and, considering the fact that I'm not Morman, they really didn't fit.  Finally, I printed off everything I needed to accomplish each of the tasks left.  I'm kind of excited to accomplish the tasks I have on plan this week. 

Hopefully next week I'll actually start having ideas to post on Mondays :-)